Kid Vega and the Sorcerer of Mali

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Harry Potter Meets Hip-Hop!

An epic middle-grade novel with a message so powerful that it will truly resonate with any human who dares to read it no matter the age!

Finally a fun filled action packed novel written with African American children as the heroes by African American author

Scott Dixon


A New Kind Of Hero Will Rise

"If you are looking for a good book for maybe a 12 to 15 year old that is relevant, diverse and exciting, I would definitely recommend this.

Well done!!!"


    For twelve-year-old Ayden Arcturus, heir to a billion-dollar rap music empire, life is already magical. He and his family travel the world in private jets and super yachts, revealing secrets of Earth's untold history.

    When Ayden stumbles upon a powerful diamond pendant in Africa, his charmed life quickly spirals out of control. The pendant reveals dimensions, filled with legendary creatures convinced that Ayden is a powerful sorcerer. When forces of evil discover Ayden has the pendant, they conspire to kidnap his family, steal the pendant, and bring an ancient evil Sorcerer King back to life.

    Now, with the help of newfound friends, Aniyah and Three-J, Ayden must learn of the power behind the pendant, the truth about magic, and team up with powerful fairies, warrior trolls, formidable bodyguards, and his uniquely destined family to defeat the Sorcerer King and prevent a war between realms.

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About the book

     Kid Vega and The Sorcerer of Mali is a full-length middle-grade novel that is a non-stop thrilling read from beginning to the end!

     The book is written in a family friendly manner but parents please note there are PG depictions of adults using firearms and other weaponry in defense of and against fictional characters and fantasy creatures.

     Historical references are based on research but liberties have been taken and fictionalization added for the story and to spark ideas, thoughts, and discussion of the possible. 

     Teachers and librarians this book has been cataloged with the Library of Congress and published with a CIP data block.

     E-Books will be available, but please consider joining us in supporting getting real physical books into readers hands. We strongly believe a novel, in physical form, in a reader's hands, can be a catalyst and a spark for life long reading.